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Busy day, annoying really as I only found out that the Fukushima mothers protest outside the Ministry of the Economy Trade and Industry (METI); a sort of Occupy Tokyo movement was meant to be shut down today by the police last night. Yukio Edano, the newly appointed Minister of the economy, Trade and Industry, having listened to the lobbying of the nuclear industry had declared the site a fire risk and everyone had to be out by 5pm. I had an appointment at 6:30 so had to leave around 5 and thought I’d missed the eviction time. Wonderfully un-committed journalism I am aware, but had a feeling they wouldn’t go anyway and apparently the protest has defied the order to leave their camp outside the METI offices in Tokyo.

Another article on the failed eviction in the Asahi Shimbun here.

Now the ball is very much in Edano’s court I have a feeling that the public support this anti-nuclear protest has, though diminishing it is true, is not something a nominally popular politician  will easily go against. This is a very developing story however and I will be following it throughtout the rest of the evening and weekend.

Indeed I am writing this on the hoof between other duties both professional and personal (bath time for the kids and all that) and will update later wheni have more time to find out what is and isn’t happening.

Just wanted to get a picture out of one of the protesters. More images of the attempted eviction of the anti nuclear protest outside the METI offices at my archive here: