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Anger (written on the glove) at the woman’s protest outside the METI offices in Tokyo. Other work kept me away from the big protest that followed unfortunately but made some good connections and interviews at the rally of angry woman that took place at 1pm in this long running protest I have written about before.

More to follow when I have time. Slightly annoyed to have missed the main event (the later protest attended by tens of thousands of people was very vocal in is protestations against the reactivation of the Oi powerplant in Fukui Prefecture) due to a paying job. Fukushima news barely sells now which is so very very wrong. But such is life as a freelance editorial photographer in Tokyo.

More images of the bit of the women’s anti nuclear protest I saw here.

More later.


Doors of Perception

Interesting article in the Economist here about luxury brand shops in Tokyo wasting electricity with their  open door policy. Tepco (Tokyo Electric) reached 93% capacity on Wednesday, which with the reduced capacity to generate electricity caused by the March 11th earthquake and tsunami, means that people should still be saving electricity. The summer is heating up, the air-conditioners are being cracked up and yet some shops are happy to be pumping all that expensively produced and precious cold air into the street.

Not all though as the Chanel shop image above shows the man whose job it is to open the door for customers. Dior didn’t want to be photographed on the other hand the security guard coming out of the gaping door to tell me so.

If my wife ever really needed an expensive handbag (she doesn’t thank god), I know where my money would be going.

Hot day, busy too.

More later.