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Super Fly

Sagami Giant Kite Festival Sagami Giant Kite Festival Sagami Giant Kite Festival Sagami Giant Kite Festival Sagami Giant Kite Festival Sagami Giant Kite Festival

Been busy with other jobs since I shot these few images on a day out with the family last weekend. But it was a good day and wanted to post them up.

On Sunday we took a train and a bus out to the Sagami River near Sagamihara and Zama in Kanagawa for the Sagaimi Odako matsuri.

In this festival, local people fly very large kites above the fields and riverbanks in a tradition that is meant to ensure a good harvest. Even away from the festival ground I found some farmers flying their own large kite from the back of the farm truck (bottom photograph).

Though we nominally went there on a family day out, and because some Ultraman thing was there for my boys, I did manage to grab a few quick shots of the kites flying.  Though there was also music, dancing, Samurai costumes and kids sumo to keep us entertained.

Apparently the largest kite flown in Japan can be seen at this festival (photo 1,2,& 4) It really is the star of the show and a monster of a thing at 14.5 metres by 14.5 metres and weighing in at nearly 1,000 kilogrammes, Quite amazing actually that a hundred people could manage to hoist it into the air for a short flight, which started at 3pm, Though two of them did end up in ambulances for the effort. (photo 5)

The kites are made of bamboo and handmade Japanese paper. and watching them tie the things together and take them apart at the end of the festival was interesting, though I couldn’t get many images of that as Ultraman and last buses beckoned.

Maybe a dedicated trip next year as I wasn’t expecting it to be so spectacular.

Talk soon



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