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Ultra Special New Year

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Spent New Year’s Eve with Ultraman at Tokyo Dome.

My sons love this character and, as I have said before, there is something to be said for studying the genre. Certainly the influence of this benevolent alien and his brethren on the lives of Japanese boys is immense. I am surprised my sons haven’t grown out of it yet. Then again though the event was nominally for the kids I noticed quite a few adults got a buzz from watching and meeting their heroes in the flesh. Indeed even I get a little smile on  these days when I get to shake hands with Ultraman Zero or Mebius.

Anyway my ongoing project on Japanese heroes has a few more images added to it and my boys had a really good time, that’s them in the bottom right of the top photo shouting at one of the monsters.

I had a pretty good time also.

Have a happy New Year everyone.

Talk soon


Some more images of Ultraman at my archive here:


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