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A Gentleman

AP photographer Itsuo Inouye

AP photographer Itsuo Inouye

Been a busy few weeks covering the elections here in Japan.

Calmer now and with the kids off school I’m going to be on full time father duties for most of the summer.

I love those busy times with a camera though. Not only for the subjects you get to cover but the chance to run into other photographers.

One of the snappers that I sometimes run into when covering news is Itsuo Inouye  who works for the Associated Press.

He is a great photographer and yet also a gentleman in the manic scrum that snappers sometimes have to get the shot. He is never in your way; he always waits patiently for you to get out of his and will even help you get the shot despite being competition.

Once when I was photographing a demo by Iranians in Tokyo against the previous election results, it was raining heavily and Inouye san even held my umbrella for me while I climbed up on a bench to get a shot.

I met him again shooting actor, Taro Yamamoto’s political campaign the other week and tried my best to keep out of his shots and be patient and polite and smile and choose good positions that inconvenience nobody; because that’s just how you act when you are around Mr Inouye.


Kids’ stuff now




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