The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

Feeling Patriotic

Patriot 3 missles deployed in Tokyo

Had a walk around the Japanese Ministry of Defence yesterday, seeing if I could get a picture of of the Patriot 3 interceptor missiles that have been deployed there to shoot down any Japan bound North Korean missiles (hopefully). Pretty difficult to get any sort of a view as a freelancer. Spoke to some Reuters guys who told me the process was laborious. So though the image above is not a great photo of the details of the launchers themselves think it nicely sums up the distant unreality of the situation we are living through now with North Korean brinkmanship.

Indeed this report in the Atlantic Wire says that Japan is Target number one if there is any launch. Calling Kim Jong Un‘s bluff on this is a difficult thing to do in a city as large and populous as Tokyo.

Anyway the Ministry is huge. I found it quite amazing that a country that doesn’t officially have an Army, Navy or Air Force needs quite so much space.


If we haven’t been attacked by North Korea anyway.



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