The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

Patrol Car Style


It’s January 10th which of course can be written in Japan as 1/10 or 110 which is the emergency number for the police in the Japanese phone system. So the police were out in force, enjoying an unofficial day of celebration for the nation’s boys in blue.

I came across some big, self important police event in front of The Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery in Tokyo today. Lots of uniformed officers standing around, some running relay races around the gallery and even some top brass in spangly epaulets or camouflaging, and scarier, dark blue suits. It was in a public space and anyone could walk through and take a look but it didn’t seem to be a public event per se. Indeed the feeling was much more self-congratulatory with saluting officers and lots of military style shouting.  The Japanese  police are not my favourite people, though some of the officers there did look just a little prouder and friendlier, especially the ones driving an incongruous collection of open-topped patrol cars around.

Funny sight, interesting day.

Later Damon


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