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Japanese Emperor Akihito's 79th Birthday

This year, as I do most years, I went to Tokyo’s Imperial Palace to wish the Japanese Emperor a happy birthday. Yesterday was Emperor Akihito‘s 79th birthday.

Thousands of well wishers thronged into the Imperial Palace to see the Emperor and his family great them and hear him make a short speech.

This year I decided to join the crowd a little further back than I usually do: to try to get some of the flags waving in front of the Emperor, framing him in patriotism. It was a grey cloudy day. Not the best for images, though the reflections off the bullet proof glass the family stand behind as they wave was a lot less this time. It was all over quickly, we were shepherded out and I went to send the pictures.

Pictures off, work done I had time to drool over shiny pieces of aluminium at the Apple shop. This computer I am using is getting old and it appears to the people at the genius bar in the store that many important things are starting to go wrong with it. Time for a new one I think. But need a well paying job to nudge the spare cash into new computer sort of territory.

More stock images of the Japanese emperor’s birthday greeting at my archive here. Obviously in an effort to achieve the previously stated aim. 🙂

Merry Christmas.




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