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Christmas Post

dc japanese postmen 201212075183

Have posted some things back for Christmas. Not all by any stretch. Finding time to do it all is rather difficult. Especially with the Japanese election keeping me busy.

Japanese postmen, as in the picture above, are busiest at New Year when everyone sends New-Year cards called NengajoTraditionally these celebrate the animal from the the Chinese zodiac that the next year will be with some news of the last year and perhaps a picture or two of the family. I usually shoot some shots of my sons doing something tenuously connected to the animal of the year; i.e. dressed at rats, holding a toy tiger, posing near a sheep or cow, that sort of thing. 2013 is the year of the snake, not sure what to do yet. Got to get thinking quickly though as they will need to be made and printed up soon. Along with last minute Christmas shopping, sending another parcel to England and shooting more images related to the Japanese election campaigns in which Japanese postal privatisation is a bit of a hot-button issue incidentally.

Quite a busy end to the year.

Just a quick update.

Talk soon



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