The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

On A Wheel And A Prayer

Got roped into photographing my son’s unicycle performance yesterday at a local kids’ festival.

Unicycles are usually ridden by girls in elementary school in Japan but my son, Sola, has amazing balance and an some innate aptitude for all thing circus-like. He loves juggling, wants a diablo for Christmas and is amazing on the one wheeled bicycle that I couldn’t even contemplate riding.

His sense of balance and co-ordination will make him a good rock climber one day if I can get back into it myself.

Only two boys were in the performance but they did well.

Some of the girls however were amazing. Riding those high unicycles and one girl skipping while on the thing.

Pretty proud of my son (in the top photo before he went on).

Got to get the photos sorted and sent: it was a dark hall and many will need to be de-noised as I was shooting on a high iso because the unicyclists
were moving fast.

Good fun day out for my shutter finger though.




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