The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

Over There

I don’t often get to Osaka but I wish I could more often. It is Japan‘s second city and the city has its own unique charms not least of which is a population that is more open, direct and humourous than Tokyoites can seem at times. It is a rougher city for sure, and in places certainly gives visitors a very different  perspective on Japan. One of those places in Shinsekai.

Read Justin McCurry’s great piece on the revitalisation of Osaka’s Shinsekai district here for why it is so special and indeed becoming more so.

Last time I was in Osaka I stayed there and must admit it was a great experience. The hotels were some of the cheapest I’ve ever stayed in in Japan but all had fast(ish)wi-fi and the area is, though a little down at heel and even just a little odds in places, is full of energy and interest.  Everything Justin writes is on the button. Can’t wait to go back.

Recently Osaka images have been popular searches and sales for me.

Guess I should head back to shoot as soon as I can. Ride this Osaka wave a bit…

Meanwhile some stock images of Osaka above.



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