The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

Young and Gifted

Japan‘s Women’s football teams are, it appears, a force to be reckoned with: World Champions in the Women’s World Cup, Olympic silver medalists and through to the quarter finals of the Under Twenty FIFA world cup by beating Switzerland 4-0 tonight in Tokyo.

Went along to the match, it was fun. The players were only teenagers and the spectators seemed at times to consist mostly of many young, sporty school girls shouting out encouragements to their friends in the team.

In all a good atmosphere; fun, energetic and basically what football should be about.

The first image above is number 15, Yushika Nakamura, greeting friends and supporters in the crowd after the match.

The second photo is number 9, Yoko Tanaka, who scored two of the goals. Bit of a superstar it seems as he had photographers chasing her.

Didn’t take too many pics myself as it was a family night out and I didn’t have long lenses and access and such like, but just liked the smiles on these faces. They played so well, so mature, confident and strong but when they walked around the ground afterwards to thank their fans they all looked so so young and smiley. An experience for us and them.




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