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No not the fireworks, though some of them were huge, the last ones in the finale actually exploding above the clouds over Tokyo Bay.

No, the noisiest thing was the security and police, constantly telling people what to do. There were crowds true, Japan is crowds, but really was it necessary to have so much high-decibel advice constantly, throughout the whole display?

Even my wife got angry at the Pavlovian nightmare and the guard in the image above is looking angrily at me because I’d told him in no uncertain terms to shut-up!

Nice display, though of course like most popular events in Japan the main experience to be had is other people. And for many Japanese people, the experience seems to be to say they have been somewhere whether they actually see anything there or not.

The display from where we viewed it was obscured by wires and street lamps. Worse still we couldn’t get closer without an expensive ticket and “in the cheap seats”, the authorities had decided it would be a good idea to floodlight the place where we all squatted and stood trying to get a view. Nothing makes fireworks stand out against the night sky like massive event lights shining in your eyes.

And to make it even more pointless for some, the fear of crowded trains made many people leave before the fireworks display had even finished.

Honestly I wonder why people bother sometimes.

Anyway personal favourite photo is the last which looks like the Death Star exploding.

Hope everyone is having a good summer.




3 responses

  1. Exactly the reason I\’ve never been. Insane crowds, loud security and restrictive rules.(japan all over 🙂
    Now if only I knew someone with a 30th floor apartment nearby………

    p.s. please, please change this commenting system, it is such a PITA.

    August 14, 2012 at 10:06 am

  2. First time I’d been, and first time for my wife too. I knew what it would be like but wife was shocked at what a different and unattractive experience it was. Never again unless I knew someone with an apartment nearby of course. Not sure on the comments thing, i have changed nothing since you commented in the past without issue. Comments is open to everyone, I checked last time you commented and didn’t like it. Everything is set to be as easy as possible my end and no-one else seems to have to log in and the other things you have to do. Not sure why that is. But I have tried to make it easy to comment here. Will check with you next time we meet. Damon

    August 14, 2012 at 8:57 pm

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