The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

Pick Me Ups

I spend a lot of time in cafes, doing photo work such as sending images to clients and agencies, reading and researching a story idea, catching up on admin. Sometimes I do some relaxing and just drink coffee and eat doughnuts while reading the paper or while I wait for another job to start. Bad for the waistline and wallet of course but I do love sitting at a table with the computer out and no distractions for an hour or two just doing all the little jobs that take up so much of my time as a photographer.

For their free refills, that often keep me sleepless at night after a few, Mister Donut (top image) is by far the best. Big tables to work on and sugary snacks that keep you going through endless keywording sessions. I can get a lot of good work done in a Mister Donut. Though I prefer real, old-fashioned coffee shops, like the second image, where they still brew the coffee in front of you and it tastes as good as the dark wood and glass interior looks.

No time for cafes today I’m afraid, busy.



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