The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

She’s Electric

Or rather she’s plasma. Not quite got the same ring to it has it?

A good and exhausting day at the Science Museum in Tokyo today with the kids. It was the last day of their Spring holidays and I wanted to give them a fun day out. The museum is near Yasukuni Shrine in Kudanshita and though it is old, it has lots of hands-on exhibits for the kids to play with as they learn. In fact not sure that it educates much beyond the wow! and wonder level much at all as there are so many games and fun things to do like the plasma lamp above, but if I was a kid, well even as an adult I would want my museums to be just like this. Also made for some nice pics, though I was limited on time with my two boys running around trying out everything.

The age of the place, and it’s nuclear industry funding of atomic propaganda/information, shows in the second image (above) which worryingly explains to kids the  processes involved in the geological disposal of high-level radioactive waste. A subject that I know all children must find just riveting and so much fun.

Kids now know more than they should have to know about the dangers of radioactivity thanks to the Fukushima Daichi Plant accident and it is hard to see them, or anyone of any age in Japan, believing there can be positives in this subject at all at this moment.




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