The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

Not for the Kids

Another job fell through today so headed off down to Kawasaki Daishi to shoot the Kanamara Matsuri of festival of the steel phallus again. Each year is  more and more crowded and less and less venerably traditional. Of course the transvestites from the Elizabeth Club carrying their pink phallus are photogenic (as above) but really it was difficult to move there this year. Just too many people a huge number of whom are not Japanese and tend to use the event to perform their own extreme, irreverent theatre of absurdity. Really people as if the matsuri wasn’t strange enough, do we really need Batman’s bollocks? (below)

Did catch with one or two people I know however which was good. Guess we cannot keep away, even though shooting here just gets less pleasurable each time and we promise ourselves we won’t go next year. As above you just never know what or who you will meet.

Busy sorting pics.

Meanwhile some older, less crowded ones of the same matsuri at my Kanamara Penis festival archive here.



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