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All My Christmases Come at Once

Still processing and uploading images from the remembrance events in Tokyo today. Some very moving events, some louder noiser too that showed how Japan is moving on from the events of last year. Some angrier that show how much the people want to.

But just wanted to share the image above as I got to “meet” one of my genuine heroes today. Well not meet exactly but stand quite close to and photograph. Still for me it was a great pleasure to even share the same atmosphere at Mr Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Of course he was there to talk about his work and feeling regarding the earthquake and tsunami a year ago. Powerful, saddening subjects despite which I couldn’t help smiling that I’d finally seen someone I truly admire in the flesh.

If you know his acting work you’ll get the meaning of the title of this post.

More images of Ryuichi Sakamoto at the Peace on Earth remembrance event in Hibiya Park at my archive here:


More later



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