The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter


Tomorrow is the Tokyo marathon apparently. I thought it was Monday, which makes no sense at all as that is a busy work day, still I seem to have got my dates mixed up. Was planning to shoot it, on Monday, will have to reschedule a bit now to see it tomorrow morning.

Not usually this confused by dates, must be the leap year!

Second son (Taku) had his own little marathon yesterday at his kindergarten (top photo). Fun shooting that. good practice too. He’s a good runner too unlike myself who is a lot more elegant and co ordinated above the ground, than I generally am on it, as a climber.

I do need to get fit though and maybe it would be a good idea to take-up running. Japan is one of the best places to do that probably. Running is a national obsession, particularly the women’s marathon for which the country seems to feel it has some divine right to excel. Indeed running is literally a religion here in places.

Anyway a pic, or two, of my son running and some others of people training for the big marathon tomorrow. Good luck to anyone I know who is running.

Later Damon


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