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Silver Street

Because it was through a stock agency that couldn’t be arsed to tell me, just found some of my pictures were used to illustrate a story on Sugamo by David McNeill at the Independent back in 2009.

David is a journalist I really admire and it is good to have some images used in one of his stories, (though the colours look kind of strange on the file the paper has used). The image above it what it should look like.

I have been shooting in Sugamo for years and been selling quite a lot of images from there around the world. Japan’s aging population was, until the earthquake and tsunami on March 11th, with the accompanying problems of the Fukushima nuclear disaster that are still affecting us now, the most pressing and newsworthy story here.

Indeed with prediction stating that 40% of the population will be over 65 as early as 2050 it is still a pressing problem. Old people are everywhere in this land, in the cities and especially in the countryside. But nowhere quite speaks for the new reality of the demographic like Sugamo so hope i’ll be selling a few more pics of the place soon.

More images of the old lady district of Tokyo called Sugamo, at my archive site here.





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