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Not in My Name

Funny thing about discovering the illegal use of your images is that at times you are rather glad your name is not attached to them. True the money would be nice but even the contact with interesting people as they approach you asking to use images on a blog or some non-commercial site can be worthwhile and, you never know, lead to more, even paying, work later. A link and a thank-you is often good enough if people ask and they themselves are not making money from the image‘s use. If they don’t ask it can be annoying but then if it is a private blog or forum there is little I can do apart from ask for a link or the image removal and that is enough for most people as a lot of image theft is not malicious on such sites. People, for some strange reason, think they do not need to pay if it’s on the internet

Of course I don’t contact everyone, I don’t know everywhere my images are being used llegally. I might object to some usage. For example, I now know that the image of the Harajuku girl in Nazi uniform above is being used on a Russian Fascist Nazi girl fetish porn forum. Bit annoyed about that but it is non-commercial, not connected to any one organization that I can see (or want to look for too diligently, and well I am rather glad that the picture doesn’t have a link back to me and my website.

Not my thing at all

Image in this post not-withstanding 🙂



One response

  1. 😉
    Come on not even a link to the “Russian Fascist Nazi girl fetish porn forum” ?
    Not that I’d look , of course.

    October 14, 2011 at 11:14 am

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