The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

Eco House

Finally can put up some pictures I did last month for an Australian PR company, a few Aussie newspapers and Panasonic of Tim Flannery, a well known Australian scientist and environmentalist, on a visit to the Panasonic Eco House in Tokyo.

A busy day, where I was given no time to take the portraits I’d been employed for. First I had to do the press tour of the development museum where, understandably, no pictures were allowed of all the cutting-edge cool tech. In the Eco house itself all those earthy tones, leaf curtains and shaded atriums did bring the temperature down and make the place seem like a really nice place to live but they also lowered the  light levels so it wasn’t until we were on the roof, in front of a smallish field of solar panels that I got a chance to  take the portraits I needed. Another tour was coming through in minutes and to get a usable background of solar panels I had to stand up on a sky-light housing and make poor Professor Flannery squint up into the sun but he knew what was needed and, bless him, tried to keep his eyes wide and face normal. That’s him on the left with Steve Rust of Panasonic Australia (on the right) in the top picture. Nose shadow!!!! 😦

Bit of a rushed day but a good one.

All images are copyright of Blackie MacDonald and Panasonic Australia.




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