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A Prayer For Steve Jobs

The first images above is of a Japanese man offering up a prayer in memory of Steve Jobs, the co-founder and visionary Chairman of Apple outside the flagship Apple store in Ginza. A lot of people have left flowers and messages at the store after Steve’s Jobs death on Wednesday.

Strange in our world at the moment the mega-rich movers of global finance and the heads of businesses and multi-nationals that monopolize our access and enjoyment of the world are (at last) becoming the objects of rumbling calls for revolutions of wealth redistribution. Indeed they are more or less despised by everyone and when the revolution does come we’ll all help in making sure they are the first to be pushed hard against that wall. Yet Apple, which was at one time the largest (wealthiest) company in America and has been accused of environmental destruction and unethical practices related to it customers and manufactures seems to have escaped such ranting censure, and Steve Jobs himself appears not to have been blamed for any of the bad things Apple did, sometimes, do.

I never knew the man personally so it is difficult to feel any profound sense of loss and attendant grief that his family and friends must be feeling now. Having said that I do feel a bit sad that someone who appears to have been mostly good is gone. Everyone is quoting his philosophies at the moment, particularly the words in the second image, finding wisdom in the single-mindedness he had, though often with no intension of following the advice themselves. Yet they are good words and I do find it a less than happy thing that a man who had so much drive to live a life on his own terms, and to make something wonderful for the rest of us along the way, is no longer with us. That he succeeded in doing all this from the very humblest of beginnings makes the successes he earned all the more admirable. Though he has made all our lives just a little busier, inconveniently so at times, we are  also just a little better informed and most of us are a little more interested in things around us. Thus we are, ourselves a little more interesting even in the limited time we are left with each day to share our passions with each other, often on machines that he invented and made seem most un-machine like. As Barack Obama said: “The world has lost a visionary. And there may be no greater tribute to Steve’s success than the fact that much of the world learned of his passing on a device he invented.”

So true. How many of you learned about his death on a Apple product? I did. Indeed I write this post on one now.It is late I am tired and a little drunk. I have had a busy day and really want to go to bed but the whole process of putting these words on the screen is relatively painless and even pleasurable. Steve Jobs changed the world we live in by bring us the personal computer, it would be a very different world if he had not lived without a doubt. It will be a very different place without him.

A few more images of people remembering Steve Jobs at my photoshelter archive here.



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