The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

Another Alien

My sons were lucky enough to run out on the field with the Yomuiri Giants at Tokyo Dome on Friday. How you might ask, considering I know nothing about baseball and care even less (I’m English, we don’t have baseball in the UK), did my kids get to meet these superstars of the Japanese sportl?

It is all down to Ultraman, as most things in their young lives are at the moment. Being members of the Ultraman Fan Club and the whole Ultraman franchise having some connection to the Yomuiri Giants, nine kids were chosen to run out onto the field, and keep the places the players stand warm, before the game started. Of course they got to meet their heroes. No not the players but the numerous ultramen who joined them on the field and greeted the kids in the tunnels of souvenir stalls and restaurants that many spectators visit during the interminable three hours a baseball game lasts. All in all a good day and further material for my Japanese heroes project like the menacing portrait of Ultraman Zero above.

Later Damon


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