The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter


Little boys are monsters, they like the weird and wonderful, the grubby and dangerous of this world. In Japan summer will find hundreds of these little monsters in every park and area of scrubland searching out and collecting other monsters that are all of the above adjectives. Bug hunting is a manic past time for Japanese youth, and not only boys. As I have said before, the Japanese countryside rewards such explorations well with insects the like of which I imagine are usually available only to those that live in the tropical jungles of the Amazon and Africa.

I, for one, am very impressed as seeing some of these insects had been a childhood ambitions itself, now fulfilled. Sometimes I am even a little scared by what we find though. For example does anyone know what that many-legged thing above is by the way? I’ve never seen anything like it before, it was huge (this is taken with a 17mm lens that doesn’t get that close!!!) and it was eating another largish insect.

Good fun for adults and children alike. We have quite an insect zoo going now.



Update: It’s a geji geji or Japanese house centipede. Nasty and fast apparently but also considered one of the good bugs as it eats cockroaches and moths. Hope never to find on in my house though.


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