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Life But Not As We Know It

Some powerful pics by Shiho Fukuda, who just got accepted to always interesting Panos Pictures photo agency, of the miserable lives of the Japanese salarymen and their families. These black-suited icons of Japanese industriousness are the people that, through incredibly hard work, pulled Japan out of the ruins of the war and turned it into the second largest economy in the world.

Yet no-one thinks to thank them  much these days. Indeed as the economy tumbles their lives are getting increasing fraught and unpleasant. Ignored at best they are often abused, over-worked and as they get older or the need for them shrinks they frequently find themselves considered disposable. And that’s not just their companies either but often by their families as well.

I don’t want my sons to live this kind of a life.




One response

  1. Some great photos there by Fukada.
    But seriously I have no sympathy for the ‘salaryman’.
    It’s not like they are sold into child slavery or have no choice in the matter.
    They choose that life and in fact their working hours and the culture of bullying is entirely their own fault.
    If they had any balls they would stand up for themselves and make it clear that life was more than just work, unfortunately I think they truly believe the opposite.

    June 19, 2011 at 9:02 am

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