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Actually Do Stuff For Japan

Don’t pray for the place, If there was a god he wouldn’t have sent this fuck-off big wave to destroy tens of thousands of lives in the first place. Get real.

As Dave Gutteridge , a comedian from Canada, has written on his hard hat above, help Japan in ways that are concrete and make a dent in the slow, slow path back to recovery the Tohoku coast is beginning to take as we speak. People can’t eat scriptures.

Dave is a man of his word for sure, I talked and photographed him and his Hockey team members as they were shovelling mud; moving debris and generally making a small but significant difference to the town of Ishinomaki while  volunteering with the Peace Boat.

Inspired by the 350 or so people I met on the Golden week mission up there, great people  actually doing stuff for Japan.

More images of Peace Boat volunteers in ishinomaki here.

More later



One response

  1. Well done to everyone that’s doing something up there to contribute, like you say, actions help, prayers on the other hand don’t.

    May 8, 2011 at 9:55 pm

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