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No To Nuclear

Attended a protest against nuclear power today in Koenji. There were apparently a few such protests across the city as people react to the dangers and problems of the Fukushima nuclear power plant and nuclear power itself becomes something Japanese people do not trust and want to see abandoned. Though what the alternatives are is hard to see,  the message from both youung and old is loud and clear.  The Koenji Hangenbutsu Choukyodai Demo which literally translates as the “Anti nuclear power plants super huge demo” took place from 2pm to 5pm and was a loud, good-natured event. Organizors said 7,000 people attended. This seems optimistic  to me and I would have but the figure at closer to 2,000. What was interesting though was the strong sense of outrage and activitism in the mostly young marchers. This was a very alternative collection of protesters: the route was led by a van on which punk bands played; the people walking behind even pogo danced and stage dived at one point. At others they shared bottles of wine and hugged. Piercings were popular and tattoos but not the Yakuza style. Music, mayhem and clowns wound along the route and the young people protesting did so with a real passion for the subject at hand and the bands that performed. Though the general weirdness of it all did not help their cause with older Japanaese too much me thinks.

Interesting day. Yes the crazy-eyed lady in the helmet is giving me the middle finger in the image above.

More images of the anti-nuclear demo in Koenji, Tokyo here.



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