The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

Back To Reality

The day the earthquake struck I had spent the morning photographing in Sugamo. For my, apparently never ending, project on this area of Tokyo.

Often called Harajuku for old ladies, the area boast all the superstitions any senior could want. Fortune tellers, quack healers and lucky charms on health and vitality like the famous red underwear.

The images above is the Toganuki Jizo statue at Togan-ji temple, right in the heart of Sugamo, where you can go to wash away your ailments by rubbing the statue in the area that corresponds to the part of your body with the pain and also pray for longer life and health .

Just a bit of normality for today I thought after some hard, more serious posts recently.

Normality is relative in Japan of course.



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