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A massive earthquake hit Japan yesterday, along with a devastating tsunami.

They reckon it’s the strongest earthquake in a 100 years and yesterday I was out in Tokyo at 2:46 when it struck. Usually I don’t feel earthquakes when walking around but yesterday it was like being on a boat and I nearly fell over; building shook and rattled, mannequins and motorbikes in the shops were toppled and telegraph poles and trees moved like things alive.

Pretty scary actually.

Tokyo got off quite lightly (much to the annoyance of the photo agency I was working with for photos as everything is north of here in Sendai and nearly impossible for me to get to unless they pay for a helicopter) Might head out later if I can get anywhere, Chiba seems to have been damaged by the Tsunami. I heard Disneyland will close today as their carpark liquified in the quake.

Lots of people were stuck in Tokyo last night though, including me, and the buses were crowded with queues that stretched hundreds of metres around Shibuya station; the pavements thronging with helmeted people and every convenience store shelf was empty of food, batteries and phone chargers to keep those bedding-down for the night in hotel lobbies, stations, shops and overworked cafes and restaurants warm, fed and in contact with worried relatives.

We are all okay here by the way. Thanks for the messages everyone though aftershocks are still rocking the house occasionally.

Pictures from Shibuya, Shin Okubo, and Shinjuku.

More images of the earthquakes effect as witnessed in Tokyo.

Talk soon



2 responses

  1. Same here.
    I was up on the 19th floor in Shinjuku.Scary stuff.
    Didn’t take any photos as my 5D is in the repair shop 😦 and anyway…..not much to see, streets full of people? the streets are always full of people!
    My thoughts go out to those in Sendai and around.
    Here in Tokyo, all is well.
    Bracing for the aftershocks tho.

    March 12, 2011 at 9:41 am

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