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Street Style

Japanese fashion is famously cutting edge, some say even strange, and I can’t disagree with either statement.

But there is no getting away from the fact that far from copying the trends and styles of the west without getting the soul, as many have accused Japan of doing in the past, the country now leads and creates fashion fads with a unique and plastic gravitas all of their own.

And it’s not just for the girls.

Indeed the men’s fashions are equally outrageous, at times down-right insane and at others kind of cool. Okay the lens-less glasses gets me as bizarre and men should never, never wear leggings ever, especially with shorts and clogs, even if they do profess to be herbivores, as that is just too androgynous if you ask me. But fashion is important to men here in equal measure to the women a fact that the writer and critic, AA Gill in his book: “AA Gill is Away” and its often acerbic article, Mad in Japan, found amusing. In the essay he noted that: “Japanese men must be the vainest, with the least justification, on the planet.” Indeed this is the only country I’ve ever been in when there is a queue for using the sink in the mens toilets as the young men spend long moments after washing their hands (note to the English male, washing your hands after a piss is not a homosexual act) tweaking and adjusting their hair (this on the other hand is).

Yet it appears that the sartorially inclined GQ reader in the west is being encouraged to actually learn from the Japanese male and his fashion sense and can now get a bit of an idea what all that effort results in with this collection of, it has to be said when I compare to what my photographer friends here can produce on this subject, rather disappointingly ordinary pictures from Tokyo (Harajuku mostly it seems) by the usually more adept Gordon von Steiner.

That’s all for now. I’m pretty busy at the moment.

But will talk soon.



One response

  1. like the silhouette and the diagonals leading your eyes up the stairs

    February 2, 2011 at 11:49 am

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