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Some interesting pics of Tokyo’s rush hour over at the Independent by Michael Wolf

The shots were all taken on the Odaku Line, obviously a lot closer to the centre of Tokyo than the image above which is very relaxing by comparrison. At least the workman leaning on the pole at Shin Matsuda Station when I took this image yesterday looked relaxed.

I love the condensation on the windows in Michael’s images though it gives these portraits a really lovely painterly quality, especially the sideways facing salaryman in the first image. Think the series as a whole (or at least the selection here) gets a little repetative though and would like to have seen some more of the crush, perhaps using different angles and maybe images from inside the carriages showing a little more of the uncomfortable itimacy of the rush hour like these images of the Tokyo Rush hour by Tony McNicol.

All for now. Very busy



One response

  1. itllallendintears

    Have to say i thought the independent series was really weak… maybe the first couple of images had some impact, but after that he wasn’t even shooting crowded trains!

    Makes me want to spend some mornings in futako-tamagawa and show ’em how it’s done!

    January 16, 2011 at 9:38 am

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