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Not a Number

Interesting article, terrible headline, on Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo from The Asahi Newspaper.

It’s not so easy to take pictures in this amazing market these days due to the popularity of the place with tourists, as I  have written about before and here, here and here.

Yes I like it there!

Indeed pictures like the one above are difficult to impossible to take these days due to the restrictions imposed on where and when you can visit. Bit inconvenient really as I would love to re-shoot some of my old, grainy film images in shimmery, shiny mega-pixals. The image above for example is Fuji Provia 400 asa pushed to 800  and is a touch messy for my liking. Though I have taken great images on film at the market, like this one.

Still, I am rather fond of this shot here so am sharing it because, to my mind, a bit of grain does get the atmosphere across. Plus some photographer friends still seem to be getting good images from the place despite a lot of it being off-limits so might yet find myself there again one or two more times.

Take care.



One response

  1. Wonderful! Long Live Provia!

    November 29, 2010 at 12:47 pm

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