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Really completely exhausted. Lots to do though however. Work is picking up, suddenly, at least the oft requested offers of such: people appear to be looking for images at this moment which is nice. Many, unfortunately are also invariably looking to get them for free or next to nothing, which is not so nice.

I get all excited at such requests when they arrive in my email but as I read on words and phrases such as “any spare photos of….” or “wondering if you would let us use your photo of….” (both of which have happened this week) is often, though not always of course, understood to mean they don’t want to spend any money to get what they need and as I NEVER give images away I have to politely explain the situation and usually (though not always of course) they never write back.

Basically it wastes my time when people don’t take my photos business seriously and expect me to go fluttery flattered at the fact they just ‘like my shot’ and want my help. Plus I am not finding enough time to get all the jobs done I need to do as it is. Of course this doesn’t mean I’m not available for any photo needs you might have it just means I am at most of the other times busy trying to make my photo archive work harder for me and that is quite a big job. Hence I’m exhausted and sometime resemble the salaryman sleeping on the train above.

Busy (but then you know that!!)




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  1. jsh

    It’s important having your archive work for you. It’s time valuably spent to get it sorted. My archive project has been on going this past couple of years, another year and it’ll be in tip top great shape…
    Have you read The DAM (digital asset management) Book by Peter Krogh. Worth the read.

    November 27, 2010 at 10:52 am

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