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North Korea at it again, rattling sabres at most I hope. But the last few months have seen some worrying belligerence, some aggressive nuclear ambitions fulfilled and an unworthy new leader’s future ordained, honoured and then perhaps ignored. If these latest skirmishes are the efforts of the military to resist the succession of Kim Jong Un and seize control this part of the world just got a lot more dangerous.

Visiting the DMZ a few years back (in image above) was a stark lesson in harsher geo-political realities. Frightening place, fascinating too of course but most certainly a worrying reminder that North Korea remains very unpredictable and dangerous. The threat of damaging and indiscriminate violence palpable.




One response

  1. Let’s hope it is just all sabre rattling, first time it’s led to verified military deaths which has angered the South a lot, fingers crossed things don’t escalate.

    November 25, 2010 at 10:31 am

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