The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

Faith in Concrete

Apparently the world’s largest statue of Christ is no longer in Brazil above the mountains and beaches of  Rio de Janeiro but somewhere in a muddy field in Poland.

Not being religious myself can’t see the point really but if these things are important to you it’s all well and good to build monuments to your faith where they will be appreciated.

Some are just immense though even when the religious conviction of the populace is not so grand. Like the statue in the image above known as The Ushiku Buddha which stands 100 metres tall (120 if you include the base) in a field near Tokyo and is the tallest Buddhist statue in the world and the third tallest statue of anything, anywhere.

This was taken for a small commission several years ago. The funny thing about this shot was the way it all came together despite the best efforts of the day to make it all so difficult. I was still shooting film when I took this image and rushed out with a couple of hours spare to get the shots I needed. I used up a whole roll of film on what was a rather grey day at a rather dull place to be honest because I had to get the images to the client the next day. Luckily for me the women in the picture not only agreed to pose for me to give the image scale but later also very kindly gave me a lift back to the station when I found I had missed the last bus back.

I’ve sold the image a few times since then, including once to nuts magazine, which is a strange customer for such things, Still never argue with editors, I like the money that keeps dribbling in on this one. Funny kind of day really, lucky even though it was all wrong and should have all gone wrong. Enough to make you religious almost.

Later Damon


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