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Demo Time Again

Due to the APEC conference in Yokohama this week, the Japanese left wing were out again on Sunday to protest about it. Where they go I tend to also, though not as much of late as I’ve been busy with other jobs. So it was good catching up with some familiar faces in the crowd as they marched in protest at the conference. I was quite surprised they were allowed to march to Sakuragicho which is almost within sight of the conference buildings as the whole Yokohama area has been on an over-policed lock down for the last two weeks. Officers have been drafted in from other areas of Japan. It’s been fun watching them walk around open mouthed at the skyscrapers actually. All bins and even vending machines have ben sealed-off, lockers in the station have been shut and there have been spot checks on ID and bag searches.

I expected a lots less freedom than happened yesterday; granted the policing was way over the top but everyone was basically polite and good humoured in the demo and only one policeman nudged me with his riot shield as I walked passed. So all in all rather uneventful day really. Which is kind of annoying in fact when press photo competitions are coming up and a little bit of action and mayhem would go down a photogenic treat. When did the police here get nice?




One response

  1. itllallendintears

    great lines in the picture!

    bet you’d rather have been in London 😉

    November 16, 2010 at 9:36 am

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