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Picking Up

Just found this from my good friend, Paul Deegan. (Really need to find time to check what he is up to more often as everything he does is without fail inspiring and also important for those of us that love this planet).

Amazing and disarmingly simple advice and more importantly encouragement about picking up litter, something we all, at some time, have left on the ground thinking one small piece doesn’t make that much impact. In these short snippets of Paul, in full quiet outrage mode, it is easy to understand that even one piece of trash is a problem creating more and thus leaving a belittled world behind, created by us and our general indifference.

The lecture on the dew and grass is not so shocking (unfortunately) as apparently here in Japan over 50% of elementary and middle school children have never seen a sunset or sunrise.

I am feeling pretty divorced from nature myself at the moment, that is the way of the modern world it seems, but it is important to connect with our evolutionary roots. People need to feel nature, not that long ago we were part of it after all: people need to feel the rain on their faces, the wind blowing hard against them sometimes; they need horizons, sunrises that feel fresh despite the early hour and sunsets that end the day with stunning celebrations of the life you have just lived. They need also the early morning dew on a day when they have time to savour it and not rush through an inconvenient dampness on the way to some tired duty or design positioned by others to keep them unfocussed on themselves and unaware of their own existance.

Paul has a task on to solve that problem, I can’t solve my own isolation from the elements and reality of nature so saving the world’s collective forgetting of our smallish part in the ecosystem is something beyond me. But I bet Paul does do something about it. He usually does what he sets out to do like writing a book to help other explore the wilds of this planet or wombling at Everest Base Camp.

Anyway, follow the advice today (everyday) and make even a small difference to this planet.

Later got to get my kids up for school now.

The photo by the way is one of those clean up events, the Japanese do so well, in Shinjuku a few months back.



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