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It won’t be…

The weather has cooled and walking around yesterday I felt the moist air and the cooling breezes with the smell of mountains on them and really enjoyed the splash of rain on my umbrellaless face.

After the longest hottest summer I can remember it was bliss being out yesterday: reminded me of Europe and especially climbing in Wales or any of the places I used to go to do that. Even the smell of cigarette smoke from another pedestrian ahead of me hung in the refreshingly saturated air with a strangely welcomed familiarity. Usually I hate the smell of tobacco but at that moment it took me back to the days, with some of my more fumigatious friends, when we were stood beneath some dripping crag working out how to ascend it. A thought process, that for them, always necessitated a piece of burning leaf litter in their lips.

Now I live in the world’s largest metropolis and have so little time to get out to the wilds, or even the city it seems these days and enjoy the weather and feel nature. Wanted to go out today as it is perfect weather but busy at home so looks like that won’t be happening. Need to save a bit of cash too so looking to be a hermit-like month.

Hopefully this situation won’t be forever



One response

  1. i’m a brit living abroad and the change of seasons can bring about the very same kind of memories for me too.

    September 19, 2010 at 8:11 am

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