The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter

City Wide

A collection of images of the world’s top 65 cities (according to Foreign Policy dot com)

Some nice images there too: number 25 from Moscow, Number 10 from Seoul, 15 from Beijing, 28 from Rome and 65 from Chongquing especially.

Some pretty ordinary shots also unfortunately, like the touristy ones for Toronto, San Francisco, Buenos Aires and Vienna.

And lastly some pretty awful ones like Boston and Johannesburg.

Got me thinking with the rather ordinary shot of Tokyo at number 3 (and what’s with the out of focus bottom of the picture?) how you would sum up this city in one photograph.

Basically I think it is impossible with Tokyo: its characters and images are too diverse. It is hard to avoid cliches also as Shibuya crossing is just so damn perfect for getting the message across that Tokyo is this amalgam of styles, forces, ideas and stupidity. What would you shoot to say “Tokyo” or any other city for that matter, imagining you had to get the essential flavour across to someone who had never been there? What would your image contain and what would it leave out?

I don’t expect anyone has found the quintessential Tokyo image yet but I am interested to see any links to what you think comes close. And if you want to send links to other cities you think you have captured well I will be interested to see them also. This is not a contest, there will be no prizes. I just like a challenge and want to see some great photography along the way on this most difficult of subjects.

So if you come across this little blog on your travels through the urban areas of this planet, spare a moment, shoot what it is you see and send me a link.

I’ll be waiting. Meanwhile my take on Tokyo above, of course I’ve not got it yet can’t say that it is all that Tokyo itself is.

Going to shoot more.




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