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Number 14

Very interesting infograph over at newsweek about the 100 best countries in the world. Always a contentious thing to rate and record and this is no exception. I mean Saudi Arabia at 64!

Number one however is Finland which is great to hear though not to all. Never been there but want to go. Indeed all the Scandinavian countries are in the top ten, with Sweden at three, Norway at sixth place and Denmark at tenth.

Contrary to the ideas of “cut to the bone and don’t spend anything on anything” that is popular in my home country, and all others at this moment that are attempting to weather the global economic crisis while keeping their discredited liberal-capitalist systems intact, it does look as if there is something good to be said for higher tax and big support network of social services from a big government being there for you when it all goes wrong. The Con-dems in the UK seem to want to stop spending money on anything ever again. Being rich boys who basically couldn’t give a shit about the poor they are seemingly intent on removing any good reason to live in the UK to save some money over their hopefully short sojourn in power. They know the cost of everything but the value of nothing because aside from the cuts to social services, public health, free education and the arts, I read recently they even want to cut the Red Arrows.

I’m sorry somethings are just sacred and though an aerobatics display team is probably an expensive luxury and rather pointless is just seems wrong to lose something like that. Back in the day when I was into the aeroplanes of the RAF and such like their displays were always a high-light of any airshow or other event where those tiny, shiny red aircraft paid a visit. Fond memories indeed. It’s not often the British get to fly the flag in something universally admired but the pilots of the Red Arrows are recognized as the best in the world at what they do and something other air forces aspire to emulate.

Anyway despite all this the UK still manages to scrape to number 14 on the chart, behind Germany and Japan (Japan is number 9 let down by it political instability and unhealthy longevity. So no surprise there then with six (and still counting) prime-ministers in four years and millions of old people who live forever even though they are barely alive by all measurable standards). We are ahead of France and Ireland though.

Anyway take a look at the graph, interactive and fun it allows you to compare and contrast many surprising countries.




2 responses

  1. Great info-graphic (since when was that an acceptable word in polite conversation?)
    Interesting to compare places I’ve lived and/or want to live.
    Thanks for this 😉

    August 22, 2010 at 11:08 pm

  2. Welcome my friend. Indeed, i borrowed the world from someone else who recommended the graph, but graph sounds much too boring for this wonder of statistics.

    August 23, 2010 at 10:56 am

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