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Fired Up

A fantastic and remarkably measured, think aloud through the dilemma of knowledge and experience, piece of journalism from Adrian Storey over at Uchujin blog about his meeting with a far-right leader at Yasukuni on Sunday . Great pics too.

Truly one of the best events to understand the dichotomous nature of this unbelievably generous and gentle country that is also the home to rabid, reactionary intolerance and cruelty.

Some more of my pics above.



One response

  1. Thanks for the compliment and link Damon, and the comment on my blog.
    Great photos here too, glad we got to see more of them.
    As I mention in my piece one of the things that consistently amazes me is how the Japanese media don`t report this.The cost of the policing operation must be astronomical and that alone if none of the wider issues, one would think would make it news worthy.
    Seems not though.
    Guess that leaves it down to us and the other foreign reporters there to try and raise the questions that need asking.

    August 19, 2010 at 1:24 pm

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