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As you do when you look up things on the internet to caption images for sales you can come across some interesting sites. I have some UK coastal essay ideas that, obviously, I am unable to follow at the moment, being in Japan, but yesterday as I was looking up something about Dungeness (in the picture above) I came across the site of a couple of women who are shooting and writing there way around the coast of Britain from their base in Brighton.

The work is very bloggy, for example the images rely too much on (maybe fake or the gimmick of a Holga) vignetting and are rather too grainy and dark sometimes, Then again so is the image above. But Nhung Dang, the photographer, has a good eye that is for sure and some of the shots are pretty good. Tamsin Chapman is the writer in this team and though I think some of the prose has a name-dropping intelligence to it (she is obviously widely read) it is sparse, modern and follows her train of thought without sometimes saying anything deep where you would expect it. But it is also fun to read and I guess that is its purpose and I’m sure will find a ready audience.

Because this is first and foremost a blog, indeed it inhabits that handle fully and well: it is not a resume builder, a preview of greater, grander for careful work hidden behind the scenes or a stepping stone to real life publishing, at least not by design, at least I don’t think so; and has an energy and passion to it that I really quite like. It is also a great idea, the English seaside has a unique character, as I have written before, that it would be good to explore and catalogue as they are doing here.

I did read Paul Theroux‘s The Kingdom by the Sea: A Journey Around the Coast of Great Britain and thought it would be good to photograph the same journey. I never got the chance before I left the UK. Nice to see someone doing it.



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  1. Andy

    Mark Power did a series based on the areas of the shipping forecast around Blighty. Doesn’t seem to have a gallery on his website for them at the moment but worth hunting round for some of the shots

    April 8, 2010 at 11:28 am

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