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It’s That Man Again

As if crying about the stresses of running the country like a little girl and the fact that no-body likes you before running-back to your family pile after less than a year in office with a sick note detailing your crippling diarrhea (who ever admits to that, especially in Japan) it appears that Shinzo Abe is about to make another attempt to be completely meaningless, pointless and massively out of touch in the public realm again by campaigning for the new Sosei Nippon party against foreigner voting rights this Wednesday in Shibuya

I’ve  written before on this subject when I attended a rally (also in Shibuya) a few months ago. That was led by grittier, gruffer and more moronic right wingers, who actually singled me out for censure as I was taking photos. Bit scary!!!

This rally tonight, that I happened across quite by accident, was smarmier, slicker and more dangerous even, because these people are seizing on the perceived weakness of the ruling Hatoyama government to spread a nasty message that’s pretending to be patriotism. And judging by the attention Abe San got it is just possible the electorate, their chastened feeling being daily added to by the media and working on the idea that it is better the devil you know (knew) and once bitten and all that could actually vote these people into power again.

For me, as I watched him on top of that van where he sometimes watched me because the secret service men didn’t quite know what to say to me to stop me taking pictures where others had been moved on quickly, it was more telling of his character that even when he had nothing to do but stand and listen to others speaking as the rain fell, he didn’t even hold his own umbrella!

One girl did walk past though and ask her friend “Who is that man?”

Made me laugh because Shinzo Abe is best forgotten if you ask me.

More images of Shinzo Abe campaigning at my photoshelter archive here.



3 responses

  1. Another great informative piece, what is Abe all about. Can’t run the country because he has a bad dose of the runs eh ….no imodium here?

    Funny old game when the secret service are watching you take the pics and get you to stop. Maybe if it was just a point and snap it’d be OK, but without a press pass (how many foreign snappers at political rallies, not much I bet) it ain’t going to be easy.

    Take it easy


    April 9, 2010 at 1:06 am

  2. Funny game this Japanese politics, but can’t really work out why Abe San, who was so so so inept at public life, should want to or think he can reenter it. I never interfere but really felt like asking him that question while I was there, i mean I was stood almost right up to the bus, other people were moved on but for some reason I wasn’t. Abe San eyeballed me quizzically as I leveled my lens right at him, I was pretty much the only foreigner there maybe because of that or the fact that I was just, despite a 3 metre vertical difference (him standing on top of a van and all that) basically in his face. I loved it especially because as I stood there the people on top of the van were getting quite angry about rude, uncivilized foreigners. Just made me laugh.
    The pictures I took of Fukushima san a while ago had some of the same secret policemen, also the left wing demo stuff I do is always recorded by the secret service so they probably know who I am. Obviously they don’t consider me a threat or i’d never have gotten that close. I do need a longer or faster lens though as these political rallies are almost always in the dark.

    April 9, 2010 at 6:48 am

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