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Fashionably Late

Yes I’m still here, just much too busy to do much at all. Indeed so far this month I seem not to have taken any photos that weren’t of family at all. It’s been a busy time, always is in March as the new year starts in April for Japanese businesses and schools. Have a big photo job next week so will be try to work out my shutter finger tomorrow at another left wing demo (becoming a habit) and perhaps on Sunday too. As I’m free(ish) from tomorrow I would have liked, if I could, to have headed along to Tokyo Fashion Week also to try some fashion photography as I`ve not done that before. I’ve shot fashion designers like, Shoji Takenaga, of do less  and shama designs, above but never runway or behind the scenes stuff. Many of my photographers friends hit the dressing rooms and catwalks of shows with fast lenses at this time of year and it seems like fun though I have missed the registration for this event this year.

Anyway got to go to sleep now so I’m ready for the demo.  Can’t start a revolution on three hours sleep.



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  1. Everyone taking snaps at the end of the runway gets something similar (the boat I am in), but there are always a few people getting documents of what is happening around the venues and come up with some interesting stuff. Get yourself along to some of the venues and never know what you might find…

    March 21, 2010 at 3:55 am

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