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Due to the massive earthquake in Chile most of Japan was on Tsunami alert today. The large wave was meant to hit at around 1pm and promised to reach over 3 metres in height in some places. So of course like a sensible person I made sure I was on high ground well away from the sea went to Enoshima on the coast to take pictures of the thing.

The earlier rain gave way to a beautiful sunny afternoon, a lovely day at at the seaside where I managed to charm my way into standing with the firemen who were keeping watch where basically I wasn’t allowed to be: along the seawall they considered dangerous. Good for pictures not that there was much to shoot other than the afore mentioned firemen keeping a watch with binoculars.

One O’clock came and the talk was of 1:30, then 2:00 then possibly 3:00 and eventually 3:30. Natural disasters are so unpredictable! In the end it didn’t hit Enoshima which is both a good thing and slightly annoying. Of course we could have just missed it as it was too small to notice some other places were affected quite dramatically however.


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  1. Nice snaps of the firemn at work waiting for the tsunami. Something that wasn’t really focused on elsewhere, good on you for getting down to Enoshima in anticipation.

    March 1, 2010 at 11:15 pm

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