The blog of Tokyo based photographer and photojournalist, Damon Coulter


Noisy pride!

Well the Uyoku (Japanese right wing nationalists in the pic above) are rather idiotic but recently I’ve got the idea that if people don’t listen to who you say you are and constantly tell you that you’re who they say you are; or if people don’t  trust you to know your own self and your own skills and worth and if people don`t believe in what you believe in because they believe they have all the answers you can find your pride overtaking you. Patriotism is all well and good, pride in a country that you love is to be encouraged. Blindly believing that your place (and by definition you, yourself) are superior is wrong-headed.

But I’ve had a little too much unwelcome and  unwarranted advice lately and I do get that sixty years of this would make you feel like standing on top of a van in front of Yokohama station, (like the picture above) to shout a little of your pride. Sixty years of that frustration would also make you forget why you got up there in the first place and you’d become a caricature of reasoning, filling the gaps in your rational with bigotry and hate.

But enough of that.




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