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Freshen Up?

In Japan, one of the nice things that visitors always remark on is the Oshibori that all restaurants and pubs give you as soon as you sit done to eat or drink. An Oshibori is a small hand towel, which is often steaming hot, with which you can wipe your hands free of the grime and sweat of the outdoors. You can also clean your face and neck with one (though that is less polite) before you order. It is great way to freshen up, get clean and enjoy your food all the more. Or is it?

A great little post from Paolo Patrizi`s blog here will make you think twice before unwrapping that particular cultural icon.




One response

  1. Deary dear, will be checking my oshibori more carefully from now. Sometimes I have noticed them being a bit whiffy, now I know the likely reason why. At least I haven’t found any bugs in them…yet.

    January 27, 2010 at 1:30 pm

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