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Interesting little story on the Arakawa River in Tokyo over at Lunatic magazine Issue 4 by photographer Benoit Dupuis.

It`s a work in progress but this edit represents the best of the story I`ve seen so far and the real magazine page format (virtual though it is) makes it more enjoyable than the gallery here at Tofu Magazine. Though that is clever.

Will be intrigued to see where he takes this story. And I also wish I`d thought of that, because as you do when you see such stories you realize that you did half think of that but never quite got around to it.



One response

  1. Never heard of that site before.
    Thanks for pointing me over there.
    I too will be interested to see what the guy does with this story as it is indeeda great idea.
    Do you know him??

    January 7, 2010 at 1:34 pm

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