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And the results are…

Asian Champions League finaldcasiachampionsleague200911079894Asian Champions League final

..written on the faces of the fans.

South Korea`s Pohang Steelers won 2-1 over Al Ittihad from Saudi Arabia in the Asian Champions League final in the national stadium in Tokyo, Japan. Yes I was there with two young football fans (namely my sons of 6 and 4) so obviously I could do bugger all photography. But we were sat in the Korean supporters section and when the two goals went in they celebrated rather wildly and I manage to get a few shots from my seat. I should say when the second goal by defender, Kim Hyung Il, was headed in during the 66th minute, as during the first goal I was balancing fried noodles, an open-topped beaker of drink and a youngest child on my knee so missed it all.

Still we had a good time. And still got a thing or two to learn about wide angle sport photography like Bob Martin here.



2 responses

  1. some great shots recently Damo.

    November 8, 2009 at 12:30 pm

  2. Well Thankyou so very very much Mr Benwell. I think i could be doing better but if someone of your talent likes to compliment me I feel well and truely complimented. Excuse the effuse I met some people tonight who showed me the way to fame and fortune just by playing the facebook game of which, as you know, I am a total ludite. Plus there was of course some alcohol to smooth the wheels of cyber inclusion.
    Did you know facebook is the third most popular search engine on the internet? and Google is almost a default setting so hardly counts actually. The way forward is annoyingly apparent as the way i have previously rejected. Lots to remedy, realign and relearn. Excited, yes, intimdated yes but seredipity is working really well for me lately if I can lever the time from my family to follow it.
    Talk soon
    And thanks again for stopping by my infrequent posts my friend.

    November 8, 2009 at 3:31 pm

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