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Japanese Election 2009Japanese Election 2009Japanese Election 2009Japanese Election 2009Japanese Election 2009Japanese Election 2009

Well it is an effort to write this but that is not due to any disinterest more the result of tiredness really: it being 4am and I have just finished processing images, some of which I should have done a while ago to be true, to send off to agencies before the election tomorrow.

Yes tomorrow is a big day in Japan when there is predicted to be a huge change in the government of this country. The Liberal Democratic party (LDP), who have governed almost uninterrupted for 55 years are almost certainly going to lose power to the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) in what is (sorry will be) a massive refusal by the people of this country to put-up with the egos ineptitude and corruption of LDP politicians and their croniac friends any longer.

Until recentlyvoter apathy was a given here; nothing ever changed whom ever you voted for and younger people especially stopped being interested in politics because they felt their opinion and vote really didn`t matter at all.

BUT!!!! This year is different, people are (at long last) angry at the “business as usual” way that many politicians think the populous should just agree to as they have year upon year upon year. An energized electorate is proving a shock to many of the old guard in the government who find themselves unable to answer the questions and up their game to the new demanding character on constituants who suddenly care about things. Don`t get me wrong, I think Japanese are still a long way from fully using all the democratic powers they have and many people will be scared of change or swayed by opinions given to them that they feel they should follow, particularly if they are voting for the first time, but the turn out this time is expected to be high giving Aso San the message, loud a clear, that he is really no longer wanted.

Talking of voter turn out, the yellow beastie in the images above is a mascot for a student organisation called ” I vote ” that I shot doing its thing in Shibuya this afternoon. The organisation  tries to get young people to exercise their democratic rights and actually vote in the election.

The other pics are Communist Party politicians all getting involved and calling on the Japanese people to vote for change via noisy stump speaches atop sound vans and soapboxes all around Tokyo. Pointedly in places like Ginza and Shibuya where you would think Communist ideals are unwelcome at best.

“Vote for change” Now where have I heard that before?

Got to sleep can`t string words together anymore.




2 responses

  1. Nice shots of the election campaign, hope you manged to get some interest from agencies. With the change in govt. it’s big news. Do you send images to anyone other than alamy?

    Back from Hong Kong now, massive amounts of editing and various shoots to arrange. No rest for the wicked….

    September 3, 2009 at 9:41 am

  2. Cheers for the comments as always. I was fairly happy with the
    Hong Kong shots in general, only half way through the edit of the first days shots, so lots more to come. Got some nice shots from The Peak at night, one of the best city city views in the world.

    Speak soon.


    September 3, 2009 at 10:46 pm

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